my New Moon traveled
March 11, 2010, 4:47 pm
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At first my priorities were  in line, running like clock work…Day to day- get up, get ready for work, wake up the sleepy heads, kiss all good-bye..(telling coby and oso with my lips pursed behave, don’t chew anything, I know where to find you)….

My New Moon traveled with me. 

Work (everyone wanted something, no time for my agenda-should there be?).  Figuring out who is going to get the kids, who has homework, who has some sports activity and if we had not planned ahead the dreaded question WHATS FOR DINNER ….AHHHHH….all while in the back of my mind something was stirring…

My New Moon traveled with me.

I had a deadline.  I wanted to finish this book before the movie, things became serious,  I had to find a way.  One page at a time, if I was lucky a chapter.  If you looked at this book now you would see the top corner folded almost on every other page.   Needless to say priorities became loose, stretched and thoughts like- that can wait a few more minutes-put that call in voice mail- why use dishes when you have paper plates- you want pizza for dinner?  Who was this…. person and where did Sara go?  

My New Moon traveled with me… from dawn to midnight.

I finished in record time of course…(heavy sigh and shaking my head) at the sacrifice of  family and work.  Feeling satisfied, excited and ready to see the movie…


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