Really? What I am doing….
March 12, 2010, 4:23 pm
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Twist of my lips, skin crinkled between my brow, flush of red on my cheeks…huh…why do I feel like a school girl…all silly and giggly.  Oh right, movie day.  Gathering my things saying good-bye…catching the roll of Adams eyes…Have fun, he said! 

New Moon here we come .  Met up with S (the one who started this mayhem) and some other great girls to all share in this silliness.  So many people out early to see this, who are these people…interesting…(eyebrows lifted) I am one of them too…ugh.  I now get to compare the movie I made up in my head to a professionals work….of course there was the occasional that didn’t happen that way and filling the actors thoughts from my memory of the book.    Cute, fun, romantic, action, sad, warming….ending on a question…killer or more like, hook line and sinker!  

Taking the bate…forced to continue this saga….I felt the urge to run out and get the book, Eclipse, knowing I would need to become crafty at creating reading time.  Driving home pondering all my thoughts…Really, Sara,  what are you doing???? 

I chose to wait….telling Adam I wanted the book for Christmas…and slipped back into my daily in’s and out’s.

The pull of the Eclipse was tugging at me….


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Relax… it’s congenital and one of the most cerebral things one can do….
There is a strong image of the grandmother, stretched up on one elbow on a gold couch, on Lanark Street, with the dog eared Louis LaMour, and a lettuce-tomatoe-pickle loaf sandwich, telling me to quit pestering your aunt and get the collie outside before Laddie’s tail knocks her fresh ice cubed Coke off the (50’s Danish Modern) coffee table.
And … more recently, It took me 10 hours to drive the normal 5 from Foat Wuth to Clear Lake City (to the great aggravation of spoose #2) ’cause your big sister gave me her copy of Jurassic Park that was consummed before I hit Webster.
Relax … now, if they would only let you get thru this exciting part ….

Comment by Day - Uhd

Thanks so glad you understand!!!  

Comment by sarajune

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