could it have taken long enough
March 15, 2010, 11:41 pm
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Tethered to this Eclipse, it followed me…

Cutting the stem, trying to separate myself from this growing weed that rooted in my head…only lasted so long…I found myself thinking – who is really going to get this book for me, I mean I should just go get it, no one would really care – No Sara, wait, patience, (why not try being an example for your kids?).  However, I was quickly adapting their “I WANT IT NOW” mentality – could this really be that important to me??? 

 Christmas morning….there it was… wrapped up in Adam’s best wrapping …ok let’s not be too excited about this…(cringe) but I was!  The tearing of paper began all around, gasps of excitement came in all directions from Avery and Spencer…happy dogs-Coby and Oso sniffing and rooting around in the wrapping paper….looking for things to run off with and chew no doubt… Really it was such a fun day, as we all know it’s about the kids, family being together….Wait, this is about me and my silly experience with the Twilight Saga!

Dust settled, toys opened, play began, others sunk into the couch slowly reading the back of their eyelids…hmm…could it be…nobody needs anything…this is the window of time I was looking for…ever so cautiously, gathered my Eclipse and I slipped away…only Coby and Oso seemed aware of the plan, (perfect reading buddies) they followed me  to my room…. 

Consumed by the Eclipse.


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