ok now the good part…
March 23, 2010, 11:03 pm
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Breaking Dawn, Breaking Me….

Please read the following with an over the top dramatic passionate tone…makes me think of Jon Lovits on SNL bellowing out – ACTING!
Alright, (long pause, sigh, eyes closed, face tilted slightly to the left, suddenly look up) finally here… little miss Bella has accepted she is engaged…the compromise…the innocence…clings to the edge of a looming wedding…all too perfect for this disaster prone Bella and Edward….Oh Edward where art thou Edward!!!!!  

Okay, right, that’s um out of my system now… 
At this point, Breaking Dawn has become my favorite so far…maybe it’s knowing there could be a happy ending…everyone getting what they want, although not without struggle…taken some-what by surprise at the direction…however looking back clues were there spelling it out.  Then, the mushy romantic, tender love held between Bella and Edward – most girls fantasy – to be wanted and desired by the one they love, always- (maybe not by a vampire) you get the picture.   🙂  

I flew through this book and enjoyed every bit of my stolen moments….


why stop now…
March 22, 2010, 12:40 pm
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Closing Eclipse…smoothing out the last dog-eared page…thinking about the compromise…biting my lip…hmm…why stop now…Breaking Dawn is calling my name.  Snapping out of my romantic daze…my selfishness now front and center… announcing, Everyone get dressed (it was a Saturday morning) we need to run a few errands – meaning I just want to get my book– expected moans and groans of AWE! really, do we have to…opportunistisc children…can we get something?   Left eyebrow lifted,  maybe…depends on how fast you get moving and how you behave in the store.  

Combing the shelves for Breaking Dawn…looking for paper back…only hard cover exsisted…snatched my prise.  Yeah…I am a sucker….sigh…of course I got the kids something!   I started reading in the car as the kids buckled up…put it down… knowing I needed to have full concentration…with the book.  🙂  Traffic could not move fast enough…reaching home, making sure everyone was settled and happy…Coby and Oso following me back to my room…they seemed eager to snuggle up with me while I continued my new obsession, Breaking Dawn.

just a little more time…
March 19, 2010, 9:46 am
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Waking to the Eclipse….
Opening my eyes to first light…everyone still sleeping…except Oso he is alert to my every move…reaching for my Eclipse and pulling it to me…Oso sighing as he layed back down knowing I was not getting up for a while.  Mmmm…comfy and warm…just a little more time that’s all I needed…to finish.

Time found me.  😉

Yes, the saga continues…
March 16, 2010, 10:50 pm
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Wrapped in the Eclipse…

Such a victorious afternoon of discovering what happens next…excitingly uninterrupted…I read as much as I could, minutes counted…with a sly eye, I knew those people I live with would be hungry at some point, <grin> alright lets call them my family and really they are all very self-sufficient and I love them dearly, moving on…..I was almost reading too fast, eager to know – will Edward and Bella get married and what about this Jacob will he stand in the way…oh how the triangle twist and turns….how delicious…lol!!! 

Feeling guilty for ignoring everyone, I made random appearances…”How’s it going out here, having fun with the new toys… everybody all good, pausing,… great if you  need anything ask your dad”… my voice trailing off as ran back to continue the saga.  

Determined to get through this Eclipse…

could it have taken long enough
March 15, 2010, 11:41 pm
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Tethered to this Eclipse, it followed me…

Cutting the stem, trying to separate myself from this growing weed that rooted in my head…only lasted so long…I found myself thinking – who is really going to get this book for me, I mean I should just go get it, no one would really care – No Sara, wait, patience, (why not try being an example for your kids?).  However, I was quickly adapting their “I WANT IT NOW” mentality – could this really be that important to me??? 

 Christmas morning….there it was… wrapped up in Adam’s best wrapping …ok let’s not be too excited about this…(cringe) but I was!  The tearing of paper began all around, gasps of excitement came in all directions from Avery and Spencer…happy dogs-Coby and Oso sniffing and rooting around in the wrapping paper….looking for things to run off with and chew no doubt… Really it was such a fun day, as we all know it’s about the kids, family being together….Wait, this is about me and my silly experience with the Twilight Saga!

Dust settled, toys opened, play began, others sunk into the couch slowly reading the back of their eyelids…hmm…could it be…nobody needs anything…this is the window of time I was looking for…ever so cautiously, gathered my Eclipse and I slipped away…only Coby and Oso seemed aware of the plan, (perfect reading buddies) they followed me  to my room…. 

Consumed by the Eclipse.

Really? What I am doing….
March 12, 2010, 4:23 pm
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Twist of my lips, skin crinkled between my brow, flush of red on my cheeks…huh…why do I feel like a school girl…all silly and giggly.  Oh right, movie day.  Gathering my things saying good-bye…catching the roll of Adams eyes…Have fun, he said! 

New Moon here we come .  Met up with S (the one who started this mayhem) and some other great girls to all share in this silliness.  So many people out early to see this, who are these people…interesting…(eyebrows lifted) I am one of them too…ugh.  I now get to compare the movie I made up in my head to a professionals work….of course there was the occasional that didn’t happen that way and filling the actors thoughts from my memory of the book.    Cute, fun, romantic, action, sad, warming….ending on a question…killer or more like, hook line and sinker!  

Taking the bate…forced to continue this saga….I felt the urge to run out and get the book, Eclipse, knowing I would need to become crafty at creating reading time.  Driving home pondering all my thoughts…Really, Sara,  what are you doing???? 

I chose to wait….telling Adam I wanted the book for Christmas…and slipped back into my daily in’s and out’s.

The pull of the Eclipse was tugging at me….

my New Moon traveled
March 11, 2010, 4:47 pm
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At first my priorities were  in line, running like clock work…Day to day- get up, get ready for work, wake up the sleepy heads, kiss all good-bye..(telling coby and oso with my lips pursed behave, don’t chew anything, I know where to find you)….

My New Moon traveled with me. 

Work (everyone wanted something, no time for my agenda-should there be?).  Figuring out who is going to get the kids, who has homework, who has some sports activity and if we had not planned ahead the dreaded question WHATS FOR DINNER ….AHHHHH….all while in the back of my mind something was stirring…

My New Moon traveled with me.

I had a deadline.  I wanted to finish this book before the movie, things became serious,  I had to find a way.  One page at a time, if I was lucky a chapter.  If you looked at this book now you would see the top corner folded almost on every other page.   Needless to say priorities became loose, stretched and thoughts like- that can wait a few more minutes-put that call in voice mail- why use dishes when you have paper plates- you want pizza for dinner?  Who was this…. person and where did Sara go?  

My New Moon traveled with me… from dawn to midnight.

I finished in record time of course…(heavy sigh and shaking my head) at the sacrifice of  family and work.  Feeling satisfied, excited and ready to see the movie…