why stop now…
March 22, 2010, 12:40 pm
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Closing Eclipse…smoothing out the last dog-eared page…thinking about the compromise…biting my lip…hmm…why stop now…Breaking Dawn is calling my name.  Snapping out of my romantic daze…my selfishness now front and center… announcing, Everyone get dressed (it was a Saturday morning) we need to run a few errands – meaning I just want to get my book– expected moans and groans of AWE! really, do we have to…opportunistisc children…can we get something?   Left eyebrow lifted,  maybe…depends on how fast you get moving and how you behave in the store.  

Combing the shelves for Breaking Dawn…looking for paper back…only hard cover exsisted…snatched my prise.  Yeah…I am a sucker….sigh…of course I got the kids something!   I started reading in the car as the kids buckled up…put it down… knowing I needed to have full concentration…with the book.  🙂  Traffic could not move fast enough…reaching home, making sure everyone was settled and happy…Coby and Oso following me back to my room…they seemed eager to snuggle up with me while I continued my new obsession, Breaking Dawn.


Yes, the saga continues…
March 16, 2010, 10:50 pm
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Wrapped in the Eclipse…

Such a victorious afternoon of discovering what happens next…excitingly uninterrupted…I read as much as I could, minutes counted…with a sly eye, I knew those people I live with would be hungry at some point, <grin> alright lets call them my family and really they are all very self-sufficient and I love them dearly, moving on…..I was almost reading too fast, eager to know – will Edward and Bella get married and what about this Jacob will he stand in the way…oh how the triangle twist and turns….how delicious…lol!!! 

Feeling guilty for ignoring everyone, I made random appearances…”How’s it going out here, having fun with the new toys… everybody all good, pausing,… great if you  need anything ask your dad”… my voice trailing off as ran back to continue the saga.  

Determined to get through this Eclipse…

so how did this all start for a 30 year old married, mother of two with two dogs….
March 10, 2010, 4:13 pm
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Really what began this frenzy was a friend (let’s call her S).  S invited me to see New Moon and suggested I read the book before we go… I had seen the first movie however never read any of the books… so I entertained the idea and started with the New Moon book.  In the middle of children, husband, work, dogs and life in general (well who isn’t busy)… I made myself believe there was no time to read (how sad was that).   Armed now with book in hand… I just needed to open it and I did.  I was hooked right away making up a movie in my head as I read the in’s and out’s of Bella, Edward and Jacob.  I escaped and let myself get lost in another world. 

The challenge began only a couple chapters in, as small voices started in …mom, mom, mom, mom…click clacking of dogs pacing in the kitchen and me raising my left eyebrow, slowly turning my head as my right eye was fighting to leave the page, sigh, folded the top corner of the page and became fully alert of the hungry eyes around me- dinner was not going to fix itself that night…