April 9, 2010, 10:12 am
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This day now leaving… turned into my Midnight Sun

Anticipation bubbling up. 
Determined…crafty or clever however you want to term it…thank goodness for my palmpre…which allowed me to pull up the draft on my phone…although it made for a somewhat difficult and tiny read…I powered through.  Mmm….so intrigued with the classic – boy hates the irritating girl, really the irritations are what he is falling for, then all-consuming, obsession, want and love washed through binding them both. 

I like this draft and wish for a completed version, one day.  Yes, natrually…I have developed my obsession, now twisting with that bite-your-lip embarrassement…this could not end now…so of course, it was time….the first book Twilight.


ok now the good part…
March 23, 2010, 11:03 pm
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Breaking Dawn, Breaking Me….

Please read the following with an over the top dramatic passionate tone…makes me think of Jon Lovits on SNL bellowing out – ACTING!
Alright, (long pause, sigh, eyes closed, face tilted slightly to the left, suddenly look up) finally here… little miss Bella has accepted she is engaged…the compromise…the innocence…clings to the edge of a looming wedding…all too perfect for this disaster prone Bella and Edward….Oh Edward where art thou Edward!!!!!  

Okay, right, that’s um out of my system now… 
At this point, Breaking Dawn has become my favorite so far…maybe it’s knowing there could be a happy ending…everyone getting what they want, although not without struggle…taken some-what by surprise at the direction…however looking back clues were there spelling it out.  Then, the mushy romantic, tender love held between Bella and Edward – most girls fantasy – to be wanted and desired by the one they love, always- (maybe not by a vampire) you get the picture.   🙂  

I flew through this book and enjoyed every bit of my stolen moments….