April 9, 2010, 10:12 am
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This day now leaving… turned into my Midnight Sun

Anticipation bubbling up. 
Determined…crafty or clever however you want to term it…thank goodness for my palmpre…which allowed me to pull up the draft on my phone…although it made for a somewhat difficult and tiny read…I powered through.  Mmm….so intrigued with the classic – boy hates the irritating girl, really the irritations are what he is falling for, then all-consuming, obsession, want and love washed through binding them both. 

I like this draft and wish for a completed version, one day.  Yes, natrually…I have developed my obsession, now twisting with that bite-your-lip embarrassement…this could not end now…so of course, it was time….the first book Twilight.


so how did this all start for a 30 year old married, mother of two with two dogs….
March 10, 2010, 4:13 pm
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Really what began this frenzy was a friend (let’s call her S).  S invited me to see New Moon and suggested I read the book before we go… I had seen the first movie however never read any of the books… so I entertained the idea and started with the New Moon book.  In the middle of children, husband, work, dogs and life in general (well who isn’t busy)… I made myself believe there was no time to read (how sad was that).   Armed now with book in hand… I just needed to open it and I did.  I was hooked right away making up a movie in my head as I read the in’s and out’s of Bella, Edward and Jacob.  I escaped and let myself get lost in another world. 

The challenge began only a couple chapters in, as small voices started in …mom, mom, mom, mom…click clacking of dogs pacing in the kitchen and me raising my left eyebrow, slowly turning my head as my right eye was fighting to leave the page, sigh, folded the top corner of the page and became fully alert of the hungry eyes around me- dinner was not going to fix itself that night…